sabato 16 aprile 2016

Cannabis industry could bring in jobs

Let’s look at other counties around the state where cannabis is legal.

In every city and county where cannabis is legal, they are getting tax dollars for their schools, law enforcement, mental health and drug rehabilitation programs.

The small rural towns that have cannabis stores are now starting new community projects they never had the funds to do.

According to the Klamath Falls Police Department, crime and teen use has not gone up. Our goal has been to protect our children by providing them education and knowledge about a simple plant.

Taking a liberty instead of educating is complete ignorance.

Using butane to “distill” cannabis is an expensive and complicated procedure that could not be accomplished by “kids,” not to mention that extraction process is also illegal in the state of Oregon.

Oregon has a law called “The Right to Farm,” which protects farmers from neighbors who might think a giant pile of manure is offensive. It protects against customary noises, smells, dust or other nuisances from agricultural farming.

It is also supposed to limit the control of local government and special districts from administratively declaring certain farm and forest products to be nuisances or trespasses.

Klamath has banned legal cannabis for three years now. No incredible new industry or businesses have come. In fact we’ve lost even more jobs.

This winter, Winnebago opened an assembly plant in Eugene, which, by the way, has a lot of cannabis stores. Obviously Winnebago was not concerned it was opening its plant in a town that is world famously known for cannabis.

My company is opening its recreational farm in another county and we will require a 50-person workforce. That is 50 Klamath Falls employees that we do not get to put to work.

Thank your county commissioners.

It’s time to end the discrimination. Vote yes on Measure 18-105.

Ilo Ferroggiaro

Klamath Falls

Cannabis industry could bring in jobs

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