venerdì 19 giugno 2015

Stats Of The Week: Colorado Cannabis By The Numbers

As noted, on Tuesday evening in the Mile High City, ATL hosted its first marijuana law reception. The packed room of attendees were privy to insights and best practices from some the leading players in the burgeoning legal cannabis industry, including such crucial lessons as “how not to pull a Maureen Dowd-style edibles meltdown” (courtesy of Brian Ruden) and the surprising relevance of Tom Downey’s daughter’s lemonade stand.

Earlier this year, the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division issued its first annual report with revenue and volume data for the state’s first full year of recreational legalization. Among their findings:
Colorado dispensaries sold 74 tons (148,000 pounds) of “marijuana flower” in 2014. (54.8 tons were classified as “medical” and 19.3 tons “recreational.”)

Almost 5 million units of cannabis-infused edibles were sold in 2014, 2.85 million units of which were recreational and 1.96 million were medical
Legal marijuana sales in the state amounted to about $700 million. (Recreational sales were $313 million, while medical sales were $386 million.)

Global brokerage Convergex estimates that the state’s retail market will grow by more than one-third in 2015, to $420 million (seriously).

Stats Of The Week: Colorado Cannabis By The Numbers

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