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‘Charlotte’s Web’ Cannabis: A Controversial Treatment For Kids

A strain of cannabis dubbed “Charlotte’s Web” is giving hope to thousands of families with children suffering from epilepsy and cancer. The strain is being predominantly grown by five [really attractive] brothers in eastern Colorado, and they’re trying to meet the incredible demand as quickly as possible.
Charlotte’s Web is an oil made from marijuana plants very low in THC and high in a chemical called cannabidiol, or CBD, and has proven to dramatically reduce seizures in some children suffering from epilepsy. The strain of cannabis does not produce a high for those who ingest it.
The drug is named for Charlotte Figi, 7, who nearly died from a pediatric form of epilepsy caller Dravet Syndrome. Her mother had lost hope for her treatment and recovery.
“We had reached the end of the line for medical options,” said Paige Figi. “The quality of life was none. I mean, we were at the point that we were hoping she would die peacefully in her sleep because it was so much suffering. She wasn’t there. Charlotte wasn’t there anymore.”
Charlotte’s family heard about the potential healing power of cannabidiol, and got in touch with the Stanley brothers to give it a try. At one point Charlotte was having 1,200 seizures per month; now, with a few drops of cannabidiol a day, she’s down to four or five, and can be a kid again.
The Stanley brothers have gotten permission to classify Charlotte’s Web as hemp, as opposed to medical marijuana, because it contains less than .03% of THC. This greatly expands the production possibilities, and they’re hoping to provide the oil to the 7,000 to 8,000 families currently on a waiting list.
Some remain skeptical because of the lack of research. There are also objections to medical marijuana for children, as documented in a Vice video called “Stoned Kids.” The concern there was production regulation, and also a dearth of research.
There have also been some cases where the cannabidiol has worsened children’s seizures. But the Stanley brothers and families with success stories like Charlotte’s hope to cast a wider web.
“Is there more to know? Absolutely. Are a group of brothers growing it in a field going to figure it all out? No, but a community around that will,” Stanley said. “Is it OK to know that there’s something we don’t quite understand about why this is working? I hope that’s OK.”

‘Charlotte’s Web’ Cannabis: A Controversial Treatment For Kids

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